Sunday, February 14, 2010

obsesionado por Broyhill

Dear Sister and Brother,

I've thought about the dining room furniture and have come to the realization that I don't need it. I appreciate you both: Sister for letting me know it's available and Brother for offering to store it, but I don't have a growing family that would ever use it.

I know I sent mixed messages about the dining set, but that's because I attached emotional aspects. I remember holidays from childhood and Mom fussing over details. Kids running around or hiding underneath the table. Dad scowling from his seat. Dinner rolls or mashed potatos forgotten until after the meal was half over. Dad's toastmaster trophies and Mom's china doll in the china cabinet; kids' schoolwork and school pictures in the credenza. Birthdays and holidays .... and nonbirthdays/holidays. It's all memories wrapped up in emotions and attached to furniture.

So anyway, if I did take the furniture it would stay unused and in storage collecting dust. I think it would be better for another family to have the opportunity to create new memories with it. Thanks again. Happy Valentines! Love you so much,


My relationship with my siblings so much like this furniture. A cache of memories no longer needed or appreciated. Estranged, cast aside, collecting dust.