Sunday, January 21, 2007

Castle Roundabout

One thing you can count on here is that there's always road construction. What is here one day and appears to be perfectly fine, will no doubt be rubble within a short period of time. Take for example Castle Roundabout. The local maps won't identify it as "Castle Roundabout" but as you can see in the picture, well, it's an obvious landmark. This picture was taken mid-December. There's no historical significance of the castle; at least none that I was able to discover from multiple inquiries. With no interior structure, this is a stone facade with the interior used for storage of public works materiel. The grounds around the castle were beautifully landscaped with fountains, flowers, grass & palm trees. Lovely. I don't know how long the castle has been here, but as of early this month, Castle Roundabout is now Rubble Roundabout or "The Roundabout formerly know as Castle". Gone. Looks like this will be another sacrifice to 'modern' roadstructure as this roundabout is turned into a multi-lane multi-level intersection.

As much as I dreaded the roundabout traffic when I came here, seeing them disappear as more traffic lights & intersections are constructed make me sad for the loss of the 'charm' of 'exotic' and crazy Qatari traffic.

(Google Earth at 25°13'33.13"N 51°25'54.37"E)

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