Friday, August 24, 2007

how much time should a person invest in a decision before they decide it was a mistake? not necessarily a big mistake, but a maybe a mistake nonetheless.

admitting that a decision could have been the wrong one might be the first step. not that I did make an error in judgment. Oh no. I don't make flip decisions, but instead I wallow in the decision making process and overthink and weigh out the pros and cons. exhaustingly.

but there could... supposedly...potentially... an occasion when a person took a chance on a decision. how long should someone live, dwell, tolerate, enjoy, survive, allow, evaluate, weigh, etc., the result before deciding it was a good or bad decision? how much time should pass before deciding that this is something that should continue or it's now time to pull the plug?

not that my current situation specifically poses this query, but events this week have put this question on the forefront my mind. given an alleged relationship between friends, or husband & wife, or employee & employer, or any other decision and/or relationship, how many good days or bad days does it take to tip the scales one way or the other?

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